Using Humor to Humanize Your Brand (a la Wendy’s)

In my last blog post, I emphasized how important it is to show the human side of your brand on social media to gain trust with your audience and develop a loyal following. Now I want dive in deeper to show you an example of how that’s being used by a brand in real-life, which […]

How To Refine Your Brand Voice On Social Media

Pick any big brand who has a large social media following out of a hat, and they’ll undoubtedly have a strong brand voice. Method shuns capital letters, loves informal fast sentences, and embraces a dry sense of humor. Levi’s keeps it short and sweet, with carefully-selected adjectives and an emphasis on You. Finally, The Container […]

#TuesdayTips: HelloBar for Content Visibility

In the second installment of our brand new #TuesdayTips series, I’m introducing a new content marketing tool that I couldn’t be more excited about: HelloBar. This tool allows you to highlight the most exciting content on your site on every page.  How does it work? HelloBar allows you to design a customizable bar, generating HTML […]

#TuesdayTips: Vizify For Personal Branding

Alright folks, I’ve been inspired to create a new series on our blog called #TuesdayTips. There are so many tricks to the social media trade, it’s tough to keep track. Not to worry, we’re going to do the heavy lifting for you by reviewing and sharing the best tools and tips we can find for […]

Building a social brand from the ground up

Why are companies like Zipcar, Virgin America, and Skittles so successful on social networks? They’re great brands, brought to life on the social web. Building a social brand from the ground up on Prezi Branding is the foundation for building a social presence that is authentic and engaging. And in the noisy, crowded, increasingly competitive […]