Articulating process: collaborating to define a voice

A critical (and sometimes overlooked) component of working with a new client is understanding their preference for process. It’s important to set the stage for a collaborative dynamic – working together to develop and deliver a social identity that lives, breathes, and authentically represents them on the web. Some clients breathe an audible sigh of […]

Content is king – Facebook says so.

The new f8 announcements a few weeks ago rocked the social media world. For weeks  my FB feed was a symphony of whines and groans as people protested the changes, complaining about…well, just about everything. These new functionalities and changes don’t just impact individuals, families, and friends – they have major implications for businesses. “The […]

Why social? More like “why not?” for new users

As users continue to pour onto Social Media sites, you have to stop and wonder why. No one really talks about the reasons people sign up for the sites and what motivates a user to post, comment, and share on them. It’s a crucial question to ask, especially as a business. Why are people flocking […]

Brands: time to rethink your social strategy

About two years ago I quit my job and took a flying leap into the emerging field of social media. Thinking back to that time, I’ve pondered what exactly drew me to an industry that was still considered by many to be the “wild west” of online marketing. I realized that what attracts me to […]

Content who? Strategy what?

Welcome to the Social Tribe blog! We’re so excited to finally launch our new website and blog, driving us to develop our own voice and online presence in addition to that of our clients. This has presented me with an unexpected challenge: I’ve found that it’s much harder to blog for myself than as a […]