Three Ways for Companies to Get Involved With #GivingTuesday


Over the last few years, Black Friday and now Cyber Monday have exploded on the scene. While the sales might provide consumers with opportunities to buy goods they otherwise couldn’t afford (or simply present a great deal), the “buy, buy, buy” hype leaves many wondering what happened to the good ol’ days, when November and December […]

#TuesdayTips: The TweetCommerce is Coming in 2015

Twitter Buy Now Button

Twitter is currently testing a new call to action for their Twitter Cards: Buy Now.  Currently, they are working with a very exclusive group of artists, businesses and non-profits to work out any user experience glitches.  But rest assured marketers, Twitter will be launching this to everyone in 2015. But what does the user experience […]

#AlexFromTarget: 3 Lessons Learned about Fandom Social Media

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 1.57.46 PM

The great mystery this week in social media was the #AlexFromTarget phenomenon. How did 16-year old Alex, with a Bieber haircut and pearly white smile, go from Target associate to overnight social celebrity, appearing on the Ellen DeGeneres Show and perhaps changing the nature of social campaigns going forward? On Saturday, November 1, Alex Lee, […]

How To Refine Your Brand Voice On Social Media


Pick any big brand who has a large social media following out of a hat, and they’ll undoubtedly have a strong brand voice. Method shuns capital letters, loves informal fast sentences, and embraces a dry sense of humor. Levi’s keeps it short and sweet, with carefully-selected adjectives and an emphasis on You. Finally, The Container […]

What’s The Deal With Ello? A Social Site With a Focus on Privacy


If you were on Twitter, Facebook, or read the news last week chances are you stumbled across mentions of a new social app called “Ello”. Curious what the masses were talking about, I signed up for an account and did some research. What Sets Them Apart In a crowded social media world filled with sites […]