10 Steps for Running A Successful Twitter Party


For the past few years, Twitter parties have been recognized as a key way to boost engagement, promote businesses or products, and obtain new social media followers. If you’ve ever run or attended one, you’ll know that things move fast, conversations can get tangential, and opportunities can be lost. To help you out we’ve come […]

How to Navigate a Social PR Nightmare: Lessons From The Colbert Report Twitter Controversy


Last week’s Twitter controversy from The Colbert Report may have settled down, but the lessons learned in social media continue to present themselves. Even though the show is satirical, and part of the humor of the show is to laugh at political and pop culture soundbites taken out of context, the tweet in question ironically […]

#TuesdayTips: Top Tools from Social Media Marketing World 2014


We’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again- Social Media Marketing World 2014 was incredible! The organization, sessions, and networking were so valuable that we literally came away with elbow-length lists of ides we plan to leverage effective immediately. We all know that about 50% of staying current in social media is keeping up […]

What’s the Future of Social Media? Highlights from Social Media Marketing World 2014


On March 26 – 28, over 1,700 marketers and businesses owners came together for Social Media Marketing World 2014 (#SMMW14) in San Diego, CA. SMMW14 has become one of the industry leading events in the country to learn about social marketing best practices – and the 2014 experience did not disappoint. This is a truly exciting time […]

#TuesdayTips: Streamlined Conference Calls with UberConference

Screen shot 2014-03-25 at 11.39.59 AM

Talk to anyone who’s worked with teams or freelancers out-of-office and you’ll be hard-pressed to find someone who hasn’t dealt with a conference call snafu one time or another. The connection could be weak, the meeting code wasn’t distributed, people talk over each other – it can be a mess. And awkward. Like in this […]

How to Use Social Media to Maximize Your Conference Experience


This blog was originally posted on LevoLeague.com. Click here to read the original post! It happens to everyone. You wake up the morning before you leave for the conference in a panic, frantically searching for the closest 24-hour dry cleaners and double-checking travel plans. With everything going on in your life–work, friends, relationships–you feel lucky […]