Now Hiring: Account Lead

Now Hiring

Are you social media savvy? Passionate about social business and the power to connect people to brands via social networks? We are looking for a part-time account lead with demonstrated social media experience (agency experience is preferable) to develop and deliver social media strategy for our clients. Many of our clients are in the IT […]

Measuring Social Media ROI


Why Social Media? Social media is an important element of marketing strategy for many enterprises. Savvy marketers know that today’s consumers are looking for familiarity and trust before deciding on a product or a service. Social media can help in both regards: Establishing the brand or product as an industry leader Aids in building a […]

Influencer Marketing – It’s Critical to Your Social Media Program Success, Here’s Why.


Social media is (and always has been) about relationships. The stronger your relationships are, the stronger your community is. The stronger your community is, the greater your influence. The greater your sphere of influence, the bigger your impact. Get where I’m going here? The ability to engage and influence targeted audiences (current / prospective customers, […]

It’s Time: Up Your Game with an Integrated Social Media Strategy

It’s time- up your game with an

As the social media landscape matures, one of the key issues businesses are looking to address is how to get more measurable value out of their social media program. Don’t get me wrong; we’ve come a long way. Contrary to a few years ago, today most business understand the importance of thought leadership content, developing […]

Posting vs. Engagement


It’s become pretty clear there are some common misunderstandings about the difference between posting content and engaging on social media. This is especially relevant to brands leveraging social platforms as a marketing tool. They’re approaching social with a dual purpose – getting their marketing messages out and developing loyal communities. As companies check the social […]

A Basic Guide to Making Great Content Using Google Analytics


Content Marketing is all the rage right now. Digital marketing blogs boast on the regular that if you create amazing content the traffic will follow. But how does one know what the right content is? Google Analytics can help. First, in order to get the ball rolling on super awesome content generation, you need to […]