#AlexFromTarget: 3 Lessons Learned about Fandom Social Media

The great mystery this week in social media was the #AlexFromTarget phenomenon. How did 16-year old Alex, with a Bieber haircut and pearly white smile, go from Target associate to overnight social celebrity, appearing on the Ellen DeGeneres Show and perhaps changing the nature of social campaigns going forward? On Saturday, November 1, Alex Lee, […]

All In or Nothing: A Breakdown of World Cup Social Media

As we begin to bask in the afterglow of the World Cup (we have to wait another four years… seriously?), I wanted to reflect on what makes for successful social media marketing when it comes to live sporting events. There has been an uptick in digital spend, as well as digital content and driving social […]

How to Navigate a Social PR Nightmare: Lessons From The Colbert Report Twitter Controversy

Last week’s Twitter controversy from The Colbert Report may have settled down, but the lessons learned in social media continue to present themselves. Even though the show is satirical, and part of the humor of the show is to laugh at political and pop culture soundbites taken out of context, the tweet in question ironically […]